Invest in India's Fastest Growing 21st Century Piggy Bank and Habit Builder

Invest in India's first Ed-Fintech startup Good Good Piggy that teaches responsible money habits while rewarding good behaviour, skills and habits. Make good good investment into Good Good Piggy to raise good good kids!

Why Invest in Our Purpose?

We are an Ed-FinTech startup that wants to raise a financially responsible generation in the new era of invisible and instant money. We understand the importance of encouraging good behavior, skill development and habit building that helps a kid learn and grow, while working on the most important life skill – money management.

Investor's Interest

ESG Friendly Mission

Our company’s mission and vision that enables 8 out of 17 UN sustainable development goals.

Support Women Entrepreneurship

Support the success story of India’s 1st women solopreneur in the children’s banking and wallet space.

Digital Venture

Be a part of the innovative venture where we let our investors become disruptors rather than being disrupted.

Consumer-Driven Model

The business model focuses on developing core specialisation on a target customer segment – parents & kids.

Innovation for the Next-Gen

Invest in a forward looking company working to nurture and harness the potential of next gen.

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We have the launch planned in early 2022. Till then, we have an early access form on our website for
customers to add themselves on the waiting list. We also are busy tracking key partnerships and

In the next 5 years, India will be among the top 3 countries (others being China & Indonesia) to have the most number of children globally, so Good Good Piggy’s effort is extremely important on a national level. According to the recent census, there are 130 million children in the age bracket of 5-9 in India. Database Statistica estimates 30% Indian households are struggling and 70% become our target, expecting to grow to 82% by 2025. Based on this figure, Good Good Piggy has a 95 million user potential as of today, which might be 105 million potential users in the next 5 years. In our view, Good Good Piggy has a good trajectory as it increases its user base, penetrates tier 2 & 3 cities in India and simultaneously looks into revenue expansion strategies including new market territories in South Asia such as UAE and Indonesia with the perspective of setting early national standards.

Similar products have been sold in 1st world countries/evolved economies like Australia, USA & UK. GoHenry, based in the UK, has found admirable success with adoption and is currently a household name in the United Kingdom. The child banking and wallet space has a few competitors, like Junio and Birdfin in India. However, all the participants are fairly new and there are no household names established yet. Further, all products are geared towards teenagers as a spending force. Good Good Piggy is looking at the pre-teenagers market as it involves an untapped segment and incorporates financial education and values at its core, giving strategic advantage when it comes to CAC:LTV numbers versus the scalability of the company offerings.
  • In less than 6 months from incorporation, Good Good Piggy shortlisted to compete in TechSparks “Tech30 2021” List for 30 most promising early stage startups from India
  • Good Good Piggy selected as the only finalist from India in International Pitching Competition held in Sharjan; organised by Women in Technology Global Forum
  • Good Good Piggy qualifies 3 rounds and presents the business in the auditions of Shark Tank India by Sony Entertainment Television
  • Start up Review from Japan covers Good Good Piggy under “NEXT LEADERS 2021”

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