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Our Work, Ways, Vision and Story Making Good Good Kids.

Who we are

We are an Ed-FinTech startup that encourages the new generation to develop the life-skill of managing the entire money management equation digitally, because the future of money is digital. We recognize the importance of reinforcing good good behaviour, habits and skills from a young age.

What we do

Our mission is to shake up the financial education world by making it more interactive, fun and comprehensive for kids everywhere. As financial education in India is lacking, there are very few practical methods to reinforce money values so they stick with them for life. With Good Good Piggy, we aim to help kids develop positive money habits at a formative age so as to set the right foundation for a future fiscal decisions and thereby help India create a responsible and forward-looking generation.

What we aim for

Our vision is to create a value-based ecosystem for children in learning and practicing responsible habits when handling money in this digital era. We want to help parents raise future adults who can take care of themselves and thrive independently because we understand that independence and responsibility are key factors in anticipating success.

Meet the Young Mind Who's Shaping The Next-Gen in India.

Purva Aggarwal is the first female soloprenuer in India and third globally to enter the ‘children’s online banking & wallet’ space. Purva was a Financial Analyst at a private equity investment advisory firm in London and was a writer with a leading publication for institutional investors. She is the Ambassador of the Indian Chapter of Women in Tech- a global movement by an international non-profit (headquartered in Paris, France) dedicated to promoting greater diversity in tech sector globally. She is also a researcher in the field of Mergers and Acquisitions.

Purva Aggarwal did MSc. Finance and Investment Banking from the University of Hertfordshire. She was awarded prestigious Dean Award ‘Rising Star’ as well as Gold award for Employability and Enterprise Skills.
Purva Aggarwal did MSc. Finance and Investment Banking from the University of Hertfordshire. She was awarded prestigious Dean Award ‘Rising Star’ as well as Gold award for Employability and Enterprise Skills.
Previously, Purva has worked in leading organizations such as BDO India and Grant Thornton, delivering risk-based internal audits, business process reviews, internal financial control (IFC) reviews, and IT general control (ITGC) reviews. Her expertise in strategy and business development were put to use by management consultancies such as Sameer Mittal & Associates, now taken over by Intertrust Group from the Nordic Region. With Good Good Piggy, she is now venturing out with an Ed-FinTech Startup.

Watch our founder explain why we're passionate about what we do and how we go about making Good Good Kids.

Our Values

About The Team

Our people are our success. We are a team of highly passionate and energetic people who come together to create a friendly and exciting workplace that helps us connect with people just like you. We approach work and play with the idea that the best work is born from diligence, fun and enjoying what you do.

The Ones Who Make it Happen

Our Work Culture

At Good Good Piggy, our most valuable resource is our people–with a diversity of backgrounds, ideas, opinions, and life experiences. We hire smart, creative, and passionate professionals who are Always learning and teaching.

Our culture is one that encourages, supports, and celebrates our diversity and looks to expand and build it constantly. We seek out diverse talent around the globe by creating an inclusive workplace.

We strongly believe that an inclusive working environment enables everyone to realise their full potential and to deliver outstanding service. We welcome people of all ages cultures and backgrounds especially women, parents and caregivers, our LGBTQ+ folks, and the ones specially abled; who understand the big picture and are willing to dedicate themselves reshaping it.

Cross Function & Collaborate

We administer an environment where employees can work together and become a high performing team by collaborating, sharing knowledge, and by supporting each other.

Work Flexibly

Unpredictable tasks and measures call for flexibility. Work anywhere, anytime without geographical boundaries.

Inclusive & Diverse Environment

Diversity is our strength. It leads to innovation, new ideas and a better way of working together. We’re a team that does not differentiate on basis of caste, religion, gender, age or sexuality.

Challenge your mind

Challenge Your Mind, Change Your Behavior. We're on a mission to drive meaningful change to redefine success for the modern workforce.

Purpose & Prosperity

Your Work Should Make You Happy. We want to create an environment where everyone can give their best work and prosper as they do it.

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Hear our Founder give a reverse pitch to Geneva’s 123 Next Generation to attract the best talents in the world.

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We believe in growing together- the company, our minds and your careers. Did we hear that you know the best person?

Refer talents and if they join, you are rewarded with merchandise and goodies from Good Good Piggy.

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We welcome you to express interest in working with us. You may be someone who wants to come on board as full time, part time, freelance or maybe just consult.

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